Sunday, May 06, 2012

Free Comic Book Day 2012

Good times at the Free Comic Book Day event at The Comic Bug. As a comic creator I try and do my best to support FCBD. It's a great way to reach new readers and it introduces the art form to countless kids and families. As comics have aged up in terms of content FCBD gets back to what I think should be the core audience of comics kids.

I drew over 50 free sketches. The biggest surprise was how many kids were asking for Captain America and Iron Man. I always dug Cap as a kid. He was not only the leader of the Avengers but also the heart and moral compass of the team. That being said I thought maybe his time had past as a character. With Batman and his gadgets and dark overtones, Iron Man with his armor how is a WWII character that runs around with a giant star on his chest going to attract and inspire a new generation of kids. Thanks to the Cap movie and The Avengers movie it has no doubt happened.

I also did tons of Batman and Joker sketches. I also did lots of video game characters. It all sort of blends together now. Kids talk about video games the way my friends and I used to talk about comics. They have a tone of passion about them and they know every single detail. The ideas generated from comics have blended so deeply into the mainstream it can hardly be called a fringe hobby anymore. I dare say it's right up their in terms of dominate storytelling platforms. If you want to make something cool, make it as a comic first.

I've also noticed how much interest kids have in making comics and creating comic art which is fantastic. I was asked tons of questions about how comics are created and published. I look forward to a whole new generation of kids with different voices and ideas keeping the art form strong in the future.


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