Friday, March 09, 2012

Crowd Sourced IP

Art and the online world seem to walk hand and hand. The web is content driven and where does content originate...well from artists...right?

I've has a theory that most people have one or two good ideas and that it takes at least ten ideas to find one great idea and of those great ideas there is a % that can become successful. The ability for an artist to tell which ideas work and don't is what makes up the foundation of the individual artistic voice. Art is all about micro decisions.

What if in the future art was created by committee? Imagine if art was crowd sourced. With the power of the web ideas and decisions could be solved or decided upon by massive groups of users. A world of Art Directors giving their feedback into a database that compiles and for lack of a better word "creates" the art.

If you look at the privacy agreements of online networks such as Amazon and Google. They want to control and own the content you share through their networks. Most people think they just want the ability to sell advertising to your aunt Sally in between her looking at photos of your sister's newborn.

That's only the tip of the iceberg.

Imagine you, as part of a group contributed to the creation of the next Lady Gaga? You helped shape the idea by giving your opinion which gave you the perception of ownership but no legal right to what had been created. The company owns the IP and the ability to exploit that IP in whatever way they want. By harnessing the collective creative decision making power of thousands perhaps millions of people they are reverse engineering success. They are cutting out collaboration with the artist and opting for an evolved direct relationship with the consumer.

Before everyone reading this thinks this will never happen and that I'm crazy from too much Red Bull and lack of sleep.

It already has.

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