Saturday, May 14, 2011

Emerald City Blues Deluxe Edition

For those of you that follow my work. You might have seen my pages from my project Emerald City Blues. ECB is my take on the Wizard of Oz taken in a more mythical context. I explore the darker side of imagination and the perception of what is real and the meaning of existence...oh..and there is lots of fighting and swords....

As a project ECB started in a really unique way. It began as part of 24 hour comic book day. 24 hour comic book day is an international artistic challenge where you try and create an entire comic in 24 hours. I took on the challenge and although I came up short I did manage to pencil 17 pages of the first ECB story and ink 11 of them. It was a lot of fun but little did I realize that was just the beginning of where ECB would go.

In the days following that 24 hour burst of creativity that gave birth to ECB I started to script the pages and began to see the beginnings of a larger story emerge from those first action packed pages. As I finished the pages I would post them on Deviant Art. Much to my surprise the pages began to develop a strong following.

As I started to attend more Comic Conventions I decided to do a small print on demand run of ECB. I sold out of it quickly and went back to print with a new cover and second issue. I sold out of both of those! This lead to me the decision to put ECB out through Comic Book stores. Once I made that decision I started to think how I wanted to present ECB to a wider audience. This train of thought lead to ECB the Deluxe Edition. Which is the original story colored and refined with a few added story elements. The process of pushing this story and art to a new level has been a challenge but very exciting because it's becoming the book I imagined that in that first 24 hours.

I'm posting a sneak peek of Emerald City Blues the Deluxe Edition along with the original pages as they appeared online and in those original print runs.


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