Thursday, April 08, 2010


Picked up an IPhone the other day and I downloaded the app Sketchbook. Started drawing away with my finger and bing, bam, boom..I made a little robot guy.
Considering that I drew it with my finger...well actually my nail..I was happy for a first time.

Mostly made of scribbles it was kinda of like drawing a Terminator on a glass bean. Yes it was that unusual.
Going to experiment more.
With each passing day I get more IPad envy.


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JesseT said...

I know the feeling - one of the guys here at work has one and he's never been a "first gen" early adopter ever - but this was compelling enough to make an exception.

I too shall wait till the first round of dust settles - but the indications are that it is a genuinely cool toy - I can only see this thing getting bigger and more powerful. It's odd how the naysayers have been incredibly quiet of late - it's such an odd way to kind of see where the future lies - it's often where you see the most resistance to change.