Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lion Ass

I really enjoy Deviant Art. I've always appreciated the site because it provides a platform for any type of artist to show their work and thanks to the web they are able to connect with others who have the same artistic interests. A world wide 24/7 art show and community.

Since I first joined DA I've seen some changes. I've seen how many professionals have decided they need a "presence" on DA and they use it more for self promotion rather than creating and participating in an artistic community. Their approach is very old media. Very one way.

I make
you love and buy

No real discussion and no real participation.

This is all followed by the ubiquitous "I don't have time to reply to everyone's comments" journal entry.

I understand most artists are followers. They see something that works and they jump on it and use it for themselves.

Artists for the most part are thieves.

Not to say that's a bad thing. It just is what it is. Artists have always learned from each other and stolen knowledge since the beginning of time.

The web has just moved it onto a global limitless scale.

The pros have seen the upside of promoting their artwork on DA meanwhile staying aloof and apart from the larger community.

Sad but true.

There are a few things I would prefer never to see again on DA. This is a personal list. Not a value judgment just what I'm tired of

Girls with pierced lips spitting up food coloring with corn syrup simulating blood. It's been done and done again and than done once more.

The underwater Alice and Wonderland photos. The first 28 were great. Time to send them back down the rabbit hole.

The flame sword /weapon gifs. It was cool when it was a sword. It was cool when it was a staff. It jumped the shark when they started writing their names with it.

Black and white photos of the midsection of a stripper with tattoos. Far be it from me to discourage pictures of strippers but at some point it's like Groundhog Day..without Bill Murray and the laughs.

Lastly. Lion Ass. Yes it seems every other day the main page has a picture of an Anthro lion or wolf showing their ass with a come hither look. I'm not saying there isn't an audience for this type of thing but (or should I say "butt") me thinks every other day is a bit much for sexy lion ass. I mean how much lion ass does one need to see before you start taking it for granted?

Just say'n

Have a great day. Time for coffee.


JesseT said...

You know, I have had the same sentiment for the seemingly endless array of copycats and trendsd - I happen to fall comfortably into some of them. But it bothers me less when I think of it this way - since life is so short, when it comes our time to play with the toys of the previous generation some of us don't find new toys as interesting because they're unfamiliar. Maybe toys is the wrong word - but you know that cliche where the little sister wants to wear big sisters clothes, or younger brother can't wait to inherit big brothers ten speed - it's something like that. I heard this band called Rock Sugar the other day - they have a funny take on cover tunes which is pretty much what you mentioned. I can understand being irate at the sheer volume of copycats, but every once in a while someone will surprise you with a new take on that familiar - uh, lion ass.

Karl Altstaetter said...

I don't have a problem with one generation being influenced by another generation. My whole first 10 years of pro art was spent trying to be other artists style wise. When I say artists are thieves it's not even an insult I assume every creative person must know what they already do. I'm just representing it for what it is something that every artists since there has been art does.

As for the Lion Ass and my pointing out of the overdone DA Daily Devs. When something hits a certain saturation level I think it's worth making a joke out of. As an example I did every comic style cliche in the 90's and I had fun and made good money doing it. I laugh at the jokes people make about the style the same way I laugh when I think how I wore Members Only jackets and did break dancing in the 80s. Mostly it's for laughs.