Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is That A Mouse!?!

It feels like I've been working as much as the rain had been falling in LA.

I was in a slump a couple of weeks ago. Partially brought on by a cold but I've bounced back like a Phoenix rising from the ashes to claim my place amongst the stars!!!!!!!

Okay...the lack of sleep is seeping into my writing. In all seriousness  I have been working a lot. In fact I've been going mostly without sleep for the last few days. Which has it's side effects.

This morning I was getting out of the shower and I swore I saw a white mouse. I looked down and it was a tiny piece of tissue paper.

Starting to feel like Al Pacino in Insomnia. Things are getting twitchy.

Ironically the more my body gets tired out the more I'm able to focus on art. My body relaxes and stops wanting to go out into the world and enjoy stupid things like sunlight and human interaction. It settles down. My primal art mind kicks in and pretty soon I have 5 pages done.

No wonder I like drawing at night.

It's cooler.


Nobody to bother you with offers of food and companionship.

I have another 12 hours in me before I wrap up this weeks work and surrender to the weekend and some much needed sleep.

Is that a mouse!?!?


it was a renegade cable bill.

Back to work.

Designs for a Rev. Run from RUN DMC animation pitch.

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