Monday, January 25, 2010

Emerald City Blues Issue #2 Pre Orders

As some of you may know I created a comic last year called Emerald City Blues. Emerald City Blues is my post modern take on The Wizard of Oz. ECB started as a one off story for the 24 hour comic day marathon.  In that first 24 hours I had drawn 17 pages and inked 11 of them. After looking at the amount of work I had done I decided I should do something with it and started posting it on the web as a sort of web comic. I ended up getting a really good response to the story and eventually I published the entire first chapter in printed form.

I didn't go through comic stores I sold directly to the readers that had been enjoying the work so far. I was humbled by the amount of support I received on the project. I sold out of issue one and I am now printing issue 2. So look below and enjoy reading my hype text and if you know anybody that would enjoy reading a new comic or they are a long time Wizard of Oz fan than please point them in the direction of my comic.

Pre-Orders for Issue #2 of Emerald City Blues.

Issue #2 Pre-Orders!
Official release date February 29th!
Convention Debut
Emerald City Comic Con 3/13/10

The saga continues as Dorothy and
Tin seek out the Scarecrow for answers.
Meanwhile Glinda reveals there is more
to her plan than ruling Emerald City!

Emerald City Blues is a post modern
take on The Wizard of Oz by
Writer/Artist Karl Altstaetter
(Q-Unit, Deity, Bloodstrike)

Three covers!

Main "Yellow Brick Road" Cover
28 pgs-$5.50 + $4.95 S.H.

Alternate Dorothy Cover
28 pgs with a card stock cover
$10.50 + $4.95 S.H.
Alternate Dorothy Sketch Back Cover
Comes with a custom sketch on the back!
$25.00 + $4.95 S.H.

“Emerald City Comic Con”
Version of Issue#1
Your chance to get the sold out
Issue #1 with an exclusive new cover
made for the Emerald City Comic Con!
28 pgs.
$5.50 + $4.95 S.H.
Sketch version
$25.00 + 4.95 S.H.

Combine shipping! Up to three books
for $4.95!
All versions signed upon request.
Paypal at
Retail and large orders contact me at

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