Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dust Settled

Now that the all the end of the year hoo ha has come and gone I decided to relaunch me blog with a new name.

Irresponsible Pictures.

I like new ideas and fresh comics. I like when comics push you out creatively more than other mediums. I love the DIY spirit of comics. How you can make a book at Kinkos or throw it up on the web and see what happens. I like the energy and the access you get to pure ideas without the filter of producers and corporations. I like when comics are a little shifty and a little shady. It's part of their mystique. From Manga to BD and back to American Indies comics own the fringe.

Comics have always had that edge to them. They shine when they investigate visuals and story ideas that scare the other mediums away.

The feeling I got when I saw Ronin by Frank Miller for the first time.

Or when I was introduced to the work of Mobius.

Seeing Akira in raw black and white.

Experiences that changed my artistic life and till this day influence what I create.

 I want comic creators to bring me into their world and surround me in their imagination. Viewing every detail through their unique style.

Tell me stories I can't get anywhere else.

I am willing to pay for your creative bravery.

No excuses.

Show me what you got!

I won't lie. I'm tired of the old characters. I grew up on them and in my heart of hearts I love them but every story needs an ending.


To make room for new ideas.

Fresh blood.

New readers.

A future for the industry.

I don't want to read about Peter Parker anymore. There I said it.

Peter has had a great run and he's had his 50 years on top.  Move over Pete. You were a great idea that is now just a toy selling slave to a corporate master that plays off my childhood love for you.

It's time for something new.

This year I plan to keep creating comics I enjoy and hopefully entertain those of you that join me on the journey.

Here is to 2010 a year or new ideas and more irresponsible pictures.


Big ups to the book  Manga Sixty Years of Japanese Comics for influencing the new name for the blog.

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