Friday, July 31, 2009

Shame, Shame, Shame!

Time to dust off the cobwebs of this blog and get it back up and running. I've been spending most of my time on Deviant Art and on Twitter so I've more than neglected this blog.


Three shames because it's just that shameful.

I'll get things going again with some retread of my latest da journal. Which covers SDCC and a few other tibits I'll be posting new art from my webcomic Emerald City Blues and some updates of my comic 88. If you can't wait head over to my DA page for the skinny.
ECB Chapter01

ECB Chapter02

Despite my best efforts I really enjoyed SDCC. I didn't have to "work" it so for me it was like a mini one day vacation. I got to hang with my friends. I did some drawings and saw some cool stuff. Now I see why the average non comic business person loves the show. It's fun. It was well organized and the weather was perfect. That being said the show has changed even more and has moved even farther from comic books and into a mini product marketing pop culture show. When I say changed I mean, bigger and more mainstream than even a few years ago. I would walk by the Star Wars booth and see it packed with kids and fans. I'd stroll through the Indie booth section and see lots of creators playing with their I-Phones. Here is an article with some thoughts on the subject that I think is a must read.

I also noted the announcement of Apples new larger I-pod/perfect for e-reading device. IMHO this is going to be a game changer in terms of how people enjoy portable media. i.e. comics. I'm sure that's not why they built it but it will serve my purposes as a creator and as a consumer. My idea. Custom comics to go with the music!
Apple Pad

As for who will provide the media for these fancy e-readers. An interesting article about Long Box. The numbers and the idea are compelling. Although it all seems like another person trying to be a middle man in a world moving farther and farther away from the middle man. I'd like to know that the money I spend ends up in the hands of the creator whose art I enjoy. I'm not about making big companies money for being gate keepers to a realm they fenced off in the first place. Thankfully the Internet seems to have leveled that playing field. Either way read up because knowing is half the battle...or something like that.