Wednesday, August 12, 2009

El Pollo Ankle

I'm not a spa type person. I'm not much for the pampering thing. I don't dream about sitting on beaches and reading books. Maybe because I fell asleep on a beach in Mexico once and while I was in dreamland sleeping off a night of dancing and Margaritas and recovering from doing the Hustle and knocking that lady to the floor when we did the bump (the dance not the uglies)..the sun moves it's position and my helpless foot was left to cook in the sun! When I say cooked I mean El Pollo Loco extra crispy! I had a Gangster limp for two days after that. It really curtailed my nocturnal endeavors!!! Okay well that was my fault but the point is I'm not into the chill and get my nails did stuff.

When it comes to watching movies It's a different story. I dig the quality and the little things count as far as I'm concerned. I want my plush seats. I want sound that rattles my fillings. I want digital projection so crisp and real that I want to run down the aisle and jump at the screen because I'm trying to tackle Megan Fox! When it comes to movies I want to be pampered. That's why I dig the Arclight. I like choosing my seat. I like that it's a cut above. To quote Pulp Fiction "You'll know where the extra money went." Not to mention they have a bar! A BAR!!! Maybe I enjoy that a bit too much but we all know some movies work better under the influence.

When I was a kid I really dug G.I. Joe. I was never a Transformers kid. I thought Snake Eyes was bad ass and I read all the comics and watched all the cartoons. I had to check out the G.I. Joe movie in the comfort of the Arclight today. I really enjoyed it. The Baroness was hotter than an ankle cooking in the Mexican sun! Even though Snake Eyes had lips he hit all the cool aspects of the character especially during the Paris chase. I half expected a big CGI kids hand to come in and grab the actors and vehicles and move them around like action figures! It was everything I'd hoped it would be. Non stop action and the characters were fun. Some interesting flashback sequences filled out the story and brought everything together. The kid in me is ready for the sequel. YO JOE!!!


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