Saturday, October 25, 2008

Emerald City Blues Part 2

More Oz madness from the 24 hour comic day event.

24 Hour Comic Day

Last week I participated in 24 hour comic day. It's pretty simple. You have to start from scratch and pencil ink and letter 24 pages in 24 hours. I'd always wanted to try it so my expectations were pretty low. It turned out to be a lot of fun and I managed to last 18 hours straight and I penciled and inked 11 pages and penciled 17 pages. Not to shabby for an old dog like me. I tried not to think to much about what I was going to do before I got there. I had a vague idea that I might do my take on a fairy tale. I ended up doing a "Karlfied" version of The Wizard of OZ. So without further BS I give you.

Emerald City Blues:

Shout out to Atom and Portlyn of Brave New World comics in Newhall Cali. They put together an awesome 24 hour comic day. Well organized and well supported. Great job peeps.