Tuesday, March 25, 2008

88-Under Construction Sketchbook

It's taken a while but they are finally here!

The 88 Under Construction Sketchbooks!

20 pages of behind the scenes mayhem. 4 Color. 16 Black and White.

I printed up a short run of them and they have been selling like a drug (funny how that worked out) at WWLA.

If you are interested in a copy. Email me at karlmanga2000@yahoo.com

$20 bucks for the book and shipping and handling in the U.S. Outside of the U.S. I'll have to check.

$40 bucks gets you the book and a sketch on the inside back cover as well as shipping and handling.

$40 buckaroos for the 88 UCS and the Lost Treasures Sketchbook.

The back "promo speak" reads:

Imagine a drug that gives you super powers for 88 minutes.

Would you take it?

Could you stop taking it?

Enter the world of Los Angeles in the very near future.
Where everyone is looking for a quick fix and willing to risk it all on the biggest high of all.

Super Powers!

A behind the scenes look at the controversial new comic series by Artist/Writer Karl Altstaetter.




Friday, March 07, 2008