Sunday, February 03, 2008

Top Five YWIAIWDI Contest Round01

Hi Everyone,

As promised I've picked what I consider to be the top five stories that were sent to me. I want to start off by saying how impressive all the submissions were and I also want to say how difficult it was to pick just five. I think everyone who sent stuff in is super talented and I wish you the best of luck. This is not the final pick so if you come up with something new and want to pitch it feel free. The final choice will be made on 02/29/08. I wish I had the time to write back to everyone but I'm doing this contest for fun and I don't think there is enough time in a week to personally write back to each person. I honestly didn't know there would be such a great reaction and so much positive vibes for this. I thank everyone who sent a pitch in and I wish I had the time to draw every story.

As far as what went into choosing these five. I really went with what I felt would be fun to draw. I also went with the most fully formed ideas. There was some interesting stuff that just didn't feel like a story that I could draw or not fully developed. I really wanted to draw self contained stories but I made a couple exceptions for ideas I felt really had a solid concept.

On to the top five:

1.)Insanity by David Ayala.

2.)Earth Skins by Aine Mistig

3.)Wish by Anthony Zicari

4.)Dashwood Pomp by Audley

5.)Legendaries by Dave

As I said before these are just what I consider to be the top five in no particular order. I would be happy to work on any of these stories. As I get more pitches in I might have to update the list. As for now these are the ones. Thanks again to everyone who sent in pitches.


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