Thursday, February 07, 2008

So Good They Had To Lock Them Up

There is a mall close to my job and attached to that mall is a Borders.

I happen to like Borders and I often enjoy a Chai Latte in there fine lil' cafe.

The Borders is surrounded by a couple of high schools and a Cal State campus.

When I roll through the Graphic Novel section it's not uncommon to find a few girls and a couple kids sitting in the 3 aisle deep Manga section knocking back a few volumes of Naruto.

A couple months back a friend of mine pointed out that the American Graphic Novels are being displayed in three double sided bookshelves that are locked!

Yes I said locked!

In an era where American tpbs and Graphic Novels need as much exposure as possible this was of course alarming.

Not that I didn't believe my friend but I thought it wise to look into this further.

I went to the store and sure enough 300, Watchman and the Death of Superman were doing a stretch in a 4x5 locked wooden case.

Check out the pictures I took.

My brain ran like an episode of X-Files..not the shitty ones with the Terminator guy..the good ones with Duchovny.

I'm thinking why are they fucking with the American Comics!!!

Manga runs free...while Sin City is doing hard time!!!

I tried to speak with the manager who was not there at the time.

I waited and called him later that night.

This is was what he told me.

The Graphic Novel section has the greatest amount of stolen merchandise in the entire store.

Only two other product lines get put behind the glass window:

DVD Box sets
Criterion Collection DVDs

They tried putting metal strips in the TPBs and GNs and the thieves used tinfoil to in their backpacks and bags to deflect the sensors.

Or just ran like hell.

They were losing so much money in that section that they had to lock the books up just so they could keep track of inventory when an actual buyer wanted that book.

Maybe you are surprised that they had to go to such great lengths to keep Comics from being ripped.

I'm not.

Comics inspire a fanatical response in the reader...

you become a Comic Crak Head.





when you need to know what happened next in your favorite comic you will go to any length to find out.

If it's Bleach or Spiderman Or Tin Tin...

You need to know.

This experience just confirmed what I already knew

Sequential art in it's many forms Manga, Comics, BD. so good you have to lock it up...


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