Friday, February 29, 2008

And the Winner is...

I just got done reading all the top ten submissions again and I have to say.

This was really tough.

I applaud the amount of work that went into all the submissions as well as the heartfelt emails that accompanied them. I learned a lot from this contest because it reminded me of the determination and emotion that goes into creative work. No matter if it's writing, drawing, painting or underwater basket weaving. Art is important to the person creating it and I think in a larger sense their ability to use their artwork to communicate with the outside world. In the end I hope with this little contest I can help someone reach that next level of communication and spread their ideas to a broader audience. Most of all I hope there is no disappointment for the those who didn't win. As cliche' as it sounds I think everyone who sent in a submission is a winner because they expressed their creativity.

In the last week or so I've received a few angry emails from people who didn't get their submission in before the deadline. I don't really know what to say about that other than I did this for fun and with good intentions. As I've mentioned in past updates I received so many submissions that at some point I had to stop accepting new ones. If I has not set a deadline I wouldn't have had the time to read each submission and give them the time they deserved. No hard feelings please.

As for what went into the choosing the winner. I would have to say the clarity of the story was the biggest issue for me. The ability for me to visualize the story from reading the page and the emotional content of the story. All of the top ten had these elements. One of these stories I felt had the entire package and stood just little bit higher than the rest.


The Winner of the 1st "You Write It And I Will Draw It" contest is:

With Naked Eyes
Ben Gilboa

Congratulations Ben!

I'm going to hold another one of these later this year. I'm thinking end of summer. Check back to see how the art for the story develops.

If you have any thoughts or questions about the contest feel free to email me.

Thanks again to all the writers. Keep writing peeps!!!

All the best,


Thursday, February 21, 2008

88 Launch

My new project "88" will be told over several websites and graphic novels.

It starts here:



Thursday, February 07, 2008

So Good They Had To Lock Them Up

There is a mall close to my job and attached to that mall is a Borders.

I happen to like Borders and I often enjoy a Chai Latte in there fine lil' cafe.

The Borders is surrounded by a couple of high schools and a Cal State campus.

When I roll through the Graphic Novel section it's not uncommon to find a few girls and a couple kids sitting in the 3 aisle deep Manga section knocking back a few volumes of Naruto.

A couple months back a friend of mine pointed out that the American Graphic Novels are being displayed in three double sided bookshelves that are locked!

Yes I said locked!

In an era where American tpbs and Graphic Novels need as much exposure as possible this was of course alarming.

Not that I didn't believe my friend but I thought it wise to look into this further.

I went to the store and sure enough 300, Watchman and the Death of Superman were doing a stretch in a 4x5 locked wooden case.

Check out the pictures I took.

My brain ran like an episode of X-Files..not the shitty ones with the Terminator guy..the good ones with Duchovny.

I'm thinking why are they fucking with the American Comics!!!

Manga runs free...while Sin City is doing hard time!!!

I tried to speak with the manager who was not there at the time.

I waited and called him later that night.

This is was what he told me.

The Graphic Novel section has the greatest amount of stolen merchandise in the entire store.

Only two other product lines get put behind the glass window:

DVD Box sets
Criterion Collection DVDs

They tried putting metal strips in the TPBs and GNs and the thieves used tinfoil to in their backpacks and bags to deflect the sensors.

Or just ran like hell.

They were losing so much money in that section that they had to lock the books up just so they could keep track of inventory when an actual buyer wanted that book.

Maybe you are surprised that they had to go to such great lengths to keep Comics from being ripped.

I'm not.

Comics inspire a fanatical response in the reader...

you become a Comic Crak Head.





when you need to know what happened next in your favorite comic you will go to any length to find out.

If it's Bleach or Spiderman Or Tin Tin...

You need to know.

This experience just confirmed what I already knew

Sequential art in it's many forms Manga, Comics, BD. so good you have to lock it up...


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Top Five YWIAIWDI Contest Round01

Hi Everyone,

As promised I've picked what I consider to be the top five stories that were sent to me. I want to start off by saying how impressive all the submissions were and I also want to say how difficult it was to pick just five. I think everyone who sent stuff in is super talented and I wish you the best of luck. This is not the final pick so if you come up with something new and want to pitch it feel free. The final choice will be made on 02/29/08. I wish I had the time to write back to everyone but I'm doing this contest for fun and I don't think there is enough time in a week to personally write back to each person. I honestly didn't know there would be such a great reaction and so much positive vibes for this. I thank everyone who sent a pitch in and I wish I had the time to draw every story.

As far as what went into choosing these five. I really went with what I felt would be fun to draw. I also went with the most fully formed ideas. There was some interesting stuff that just didn't feel like a story that I could draw or not fully developed. I really wanted to draw self contained stories but I made a couple exceptions for ideas I felt really had a solid concept.

On to the top five:

1.)Insanity by David Ayala.

2.)Earth Skins by Aine Mistig

3.)Wish by Anthony Zicari

4.)Dashwood Pomp by Audley

5.)Legendaries by Dave

As I said before these are just what I consider to be the top five in no particular order. I would be happy to work on any of these stories. As I get more pitches in I might have to update the list. As for now these are the ones. Thanks again to everyone who sent in pitches.


Friday, February 01, 2008

You Write It And I Will Draw It- Update!

The latest news on the contest.

I've received some great pitches. It's going to be really tough to pick just one. You guys have some amazing talent and I wish I could draw all of your stories. I won't be able to contact everyone who has sent me pitches but I will list the top 5 so far on Sunday night PST. If you are on that list than that means you are in the running. I'll take more pitches after that and list the top five every Sunday until I pick the final story.

Thanks to everyone for the interest and kind words.

Stay tuned.


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