Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You Write It And I Will Draw It-Update

Hi Everyone,

There seems to be a little confusion with the concept of the contest and I just wanted to clear up a few things.

It's not a month to month contest. I'm going to pick a winner in a month. Feb 29th to be exact. If it goes well I might do another one. For now it's a one time chance for writers to get their stories drawn.

I've been asked if there are limitations to what I will draw. I've received tons of different ideas from sci-fi to musicals in comic form (no kidding) and even poetry with visuals. I don't want to limit people creatively but I'm not so interested in drawing porn. Other than that pitch it and see what happens. Also I'm going to draw this as a comic so those of you that have sent your ideas in you might want to format them as comic. I love poetry but if it's a poem I'm not sure how you see it visually.

The word is getting out so pitch away.

I will be updating my blog and my da page as things develop.

Original post and update below.


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