Sunday, January 20, 2008


I know I'm in the minority on this one and I don't want to be Mr Hatorade...but...I had a couple thoughts on the movie:

I thought the 911/Iraq imagery was in poor taste. It's putting a fantasy spin on something that was very real and very sad for a lot of people. It's trivializing 911 by seeing it as a visual style you can reapply to a monster movie.

I also thought the hand held element was gimmicky. Before the movie a guy from the theater came out and offered people their money back if they got sick or did not like the movie. I think they went overboard with the shaky camera. I'd say 25% of the audience got up and left during my screening.

For me watching a bunch of feet running and shots of jittery walls was boring.

The party scenes went on...way...too...longggggggg.

The characters were pretty lifeless. I mean everyone was pretty glib after the death of some key people in their lives. The over the top style of acting did not match the faux documentary style of the movie in my opinion.

Good things.

I won't spoil it but the way they managed to work in the flashback was smart. The way they would cut to a different scene by having the camera get bumped. The Night-vision scene. Awesome.

I loved the marketing. The websites. The build up.

Just not the movie.


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