Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You Write It And I Will Draw It-Update

Hi Everyone,

There seems to be a little confusion with the concept of the contest and I just wanted to clear up a few things.

It's not a month to month contest. I'm going to pick a winner in a month. Feb 29th to be exact. If it goes well I might do another one. For now it's a one time chance for writers to get their stories drawn.

I've been asked if there are limitations to what I will draw. I've received tons of different ideas from sci-fi to musicals in comic form (no kidding) and even poetry with visuals. I don't want to limit people creatively but I'm not so interested in drawing porn. Other than that pitch it and see what happens. Also I'm going to draw this as a comic so those of you that have sent your ideas in you might want to format them as comic. I love poetry but if it's a poem I'm not sure how you see it visually.

The word is getting out so pitch away.

I will be updating my blog and my da page as things develop.

Original post and update below.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

You Write It And I Will Draw It- Contest

I see lots of new artists coming up and I think we are entering a new era of comics in terms of style and presentation.

The thing I don't see is a lot of writers getting burn.

It's tough in a visual medium when you are the word and concept guy.

Maybe I am a glutton for punishment but I am officially starting a contest to get you idea men some shine.

Here's how it works:

You come up with a short comic story. 1-10 pages.

Email it to me at: or note it to me.

I'll pick one story one month from today....and draw it.

You own the story.

Blog it

Make an ashcan

Use is as a sample to get a gig.

Sell it as a download

I don't care. It's your story.

I have paper in front of me...pencil in hand..

Let's do this.



Hi all you Writer/ Creative types out there.

There seems to be a really great reaction to this contest. More so than I expected. I'm glad to see there is a lot of energy around this.

A couple updates:

Go ahead and send me a one paragraph pitch for the story. It will make it easier for me to read all of them and if I pick yours you can send me the full story and we can go from there. I prefer self contained stories that start and end in the 1-10 pages.

Please make sure it's a short story. (1-10 pages)

The final date for submitting a story is Feb 29th.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

The original contest info is below.


Sunday, January 20, 2008


I know I'm in the minority on this one and I don't want to be Mr Hatorade...but...I had a couple thoughts on the movie:

I thought the 911/Iraq imagery was in poor taste. It's putting a fantasy spin on something that was very real and very sad for a lot of people. It's trivializing 911 by seeing it as a visual style you can reapply to a monster movie.

I also thought the hand held element was gimmicky. Before the movie a guy from the theater came out and offered people their money back if they got sick or did not like the movie. I think they went overboard with the shaky camera. I'd say 25% of the audience got up and left during my screening.

For me watching a bunch of feet running and shots of jittery walls was boring.

The party scenes went on...way...too...longggggggg.

The characters were pretty lifeless. I mean everyone was pretty glib after the death of some key people in their lives. The over the top style of acting did not match the faux documentary style of the movie in my opinion.

Good things.

I won't spoil it but the way they managed to work in the flashback was smart. The way they would cut to a different scene by having the camera get bumped. The Night-vision scene. Awesome.

I loved the marketing. The websites. The build up.

Just not the movie.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wow...Trying to catch up and get this blog in shape

It's been hectic lately and it's been tough trying to make time to update this blog.

I have so many half written posts chill'n on the ole hard drive. It's sad really.

I won't make any promises..but I would very much like to get back to posting more often.

Until then..some sketches..