Sunday, August 05, 2007

Things Ahm Feel'n

Just a few things that I'm dig'n right now

This album is really great for drawing. It's falls somewhere between Daft Punk and LCD Soundsystem with a little The Good The Bad and The Queen tossed in.

It's sweet oldskool electro vibyness...

Might Six Ninety- Cheers to the Bitter End-Imagine if some DJ's went back in time and ganked Robert Smith out of a Cure concert circa 1988 and transported him to future and said. "Make songs like Depeche Mode or this monkey dies!!" if you can are now curious pick this album up and thank me later.

The Chemical Brothers-We Are The Night-It's not like Tom and Ed have reinvented the wheel here but they have added some rims to it and pimped their post Push the Button selves out. This album is really a very good head space album. Great for driving fast or running on a treadmill so fast that other people at the gym look at you and whisper "look at that show off jerk!" I mean you might even be able to hear them if you didn't have Das Spiegal pumping so loud in your Ipod. I mean fuck them if they can't run as fast as you. "The Pills Won't Help You Now" is the only electronic song that has ever made me want to cry. I mean...uh...feel emotional..and no I wasn't on something when I heard it. You are so cynical.

Tank Girl- Jamie Hewletts creation reimagined by Ashley Wood. It gets points for just trying so hard to be artsy. Some ugly some beautiful all interesting. A must see for his use of dot pattern and spot color. He's either a genius or he's just phoning it in. I don't know what impresses me more..that his phoned in work would look so good or that he's made a style that works either way.

World War Hulk- I know I know. Sooooo burnt out on all the crappy crossovers..but this works because it treats Hulk the way he should be treated. Like a force of nature. JR JR does his blocky best!

Modern Masters #12-Michael Golden-So many people have ripped this cat it's crazy. I don't know if there would be an Art Adams or J Scott Campbell or Joe Mad or Jason Pearson or Mike Mignola without Michael Golden. The interview is subpar this issue mostly because Golden seems to not like answering the questions. That being said you bought it for all the art. Great gallery in the back and rare pieces throughout. A must own.

Ok back to working on "88"


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