Monday, August 06, 2007

IPhone Meets IComic

Everyone I know is getting an I-Phone.

I've had a chance to play with them and I have to admit they are as good at the commercial says they are. I didn't look for the best Calamari in the city but I did do something that might interest all the comic-heads out there.

I emailed my friend some cut up panels of two pages of my comic Deity.

He uploaded it to his phone through I-photo and created a gallery of each.

You bring the book up and at first it seems kinda funky. Than your fingers get involved and you zoom in on a page and turn the phone and pretty soon you are very involved in the action of the comic. Reading, moving from face to face within the panel and from panel to panel in general...

Well let's just say it's comics meets Minority Report in a good way.

At first you might be thinking the screen is so small and you have to turn it to get the correct view.

What it lacks in screen size it makes up for in clarity and color.

It's impressive...and

it's different.

It's not comics as we know them...


Soon there will be bigger screens.

Soon there will be screens the exact size of comics.

Some might say. "I wouldn't spend a thousand bucks on a large I-phone just to read comics"

Me neither...but I would spend a thousand bucks for a comic sized touch screen computer that was also a phone and could do all the things a lap top or an I-phone would do.

Print won't die...

people just won't want it anymore.


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