Friday, January 19, 2007

Prince at 3121 Las Vegas

I got a chance to see Prince at his new club at the Rio in Vegas. The venue is really high-tech. Large video screens surround the entire club. The graphics were cool. Images from 1970's Soul Train and vintage James Brown footage. The female Dj played a mix of old school funk as well as new school stuff (Jay Z and Pharell). Lots of Prince tracks (Hot Thing Extended, Love Bizarre, DMSR) as well as select drum and bass cuts. It was general seating so you could get as close as you wanted. That meant I was about 5 feet away from the stage

Prince came on around midnight. The guy does not look like he has aged a day. He was wearing a peach(orange?) colored suit with black accents. He played lot's of new stuff from his current album (3121). Amazing guitar work. The special guest was Maceo Parker (sax player for James Brown). He put on a jazz funk rock jam that I think put off some of the audience that were expecting a greatest hits set list. I was blown away. Prince has sort of unified his personas. Part Morris Day a little bit of Christopher Tracy with a dash of "Kid" in him smoothed out on the Camille tip.

A rough set list (don't hold me to the order I was jamming too
hard to keep an exact track list):

Girls and Boys
Johnny B Good
Black Sweat/Kiss medley
Extended Band Jam lead by Maceo (Pass the Peas)

When Prince came back on stage he was wearing a Red Coat and White pants. The coat seemed to have a musical theme to the design

Purple Rain (The woman in front of me started crying)
Let's Go Crazy(Elements of the extended movie version)

The music was vital and real.

He has these two British twins as his back up singers and dancers. For a guy who is known for his hottie sidekicks..these two take the cake in terms of hotness.

The best $125 bucks I've ever spent. I may have to go see him again.


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