Monday, October 30, 2006

88 Sneak Peek 04

Another quick look at my new OGN "88"

"The strike team moves into position"

Experimenting with leaving more open space for color...

As always..more soon....


Saturday, October 28, 2006

In The Spirit of Halloween

In the spirit of Halloween..I give you...


MJ ain't got shit on these Bollywooders...

dig the synths!!!

Kooky Kooks

I dig this jam from the Kooks..

in fact here is the video

Monday, October 23, 2006

Comic Sales..where are they going?

I was looking at the numbers for comics sales in Sep.


and I was shocked that there were very few non Marvel or DC books in the top 100. There seems to be more books over the 100k mark but many books that are often talked about (Walking Dead, Invincibles) are locked into the barely 20k ghetto. Invincibles is an amazing book and it hits around 14k.

I was doing the math. At those numbers it would be very difficult to make any money off the books.

Maybe none of this is a newsflash but I still find it shocking that some of the best comics being made today are selling such low numbers.

I looked at the graphic novel sales and in the case of Walking Dead it sells exactly half what it sells in floppys in trades but at a higher price...So why not just make Walking Dead OGNs and skip the floppys.

I know Marvel and DC will always be around with their crossovers and events..but where will the indie books go?

The Web or graphic novels?

Indies used to be the minor league for Marvel and DC but as the indies get squeezed out where will new talent get a chance to shine? DA?

Any thoughts on sales trends?

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

88 Sneak Peek Part 03

Here is another sneak peek at my new OGN 88. This is the first time we see the main character of the first book...

more very soon..


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Time Flies..when you are bullshitting...

It's official..I've been blogging for over a year now. My first entry on this blog was August 10th 2005...and I didn't even celebrate the anniversary.

I didn't have any real ideas what I was going to write about..and if you've read more than one of my blogs you can see I'm all over the place...

Sometimes I pimp my art..

sometimes I make observations..

sometimes..I go off on abstract concepts...

...It's a strange combo of diary..portfolio, art show and opinion column...

It has turned me into equal parts artist,art dealer,marketing department, hack journalist, bullshitter...and opinionated fuck...

I heard that most blogs never get past two entries...and I can see takes a level of dedication that I didn't realize I had...

Here's to an interesting year..

Coming this year...

more art

more abstract bullshit...

count on it...


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88 Sneek Peek

Here's two images from the new graphic novel I'm working on...."88"

Trying to take it to a whole other level....

More soon...


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Even More Rostam

Here is yet another page from the graphic novel I'm working on called Rostam.

I feel the pages are getting better...

a little loose..but I think that's bringing some energy to the table.

I hope to be done with the book soon..I'll post info on where to get it..

Also..going to start stepping up the postings on the blog...been falling off...but it must be said..posting on a blog can become a serious commitment..

More soon!!


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PS I still have a few sketchbooks left. I'm going to start putting them on ebay if you want one drop me an email..great for's some artwork!!!