Sunday, July 30, 2006

Postal: A Homicidal Love Story Part04

And here it is..the final installment...8 pages with a 9 panel grid was the test and here are the results..

more experimental stuff on the way..

dig it


Saturday, July 29, 2006

Postal: A Homicidal Love Story Part03

It took awhile to get all my ducks in a row...but here it is..part03 of Postal...

Part 04 is done..but I need to refine to lettering a bit before I drop it...

I hope you dig always feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think..



Monday, July 17, 2006

Postal: A Homicidal Love Story Part02

Here is the next thrilling installment of my run and gun short story style.

Scroll down for part01.


POSTAL: A Homicidal Love Story

Here it is...part one of my "web only" down and dirty series of short comic stories...ok...

say that ten times fast...

I'll be posting the other parts later this week..

feel free to story.

All I ask is that you keep the copyright in the right hand corner...

other than that do what you will...

More soon....


Sunday, July 16, 2006

While the Iron is Hot

Like most artsy/writer types..I'll be driving in the car or in the shower...about to fall asleep and I'll get an idea for a story..

Of course I think it's the next best thing since sliced bread and I will want to drop everything and start working on it...

Stirke while the iron is to speak...

but than reality sets in....

Don't I have a full time job?

Don't I want a bit of a social life

Don't I already have a ton of other ideas that are in various stages of development..and like starving kids with big Anime quivering eyes..beg for my attention???



and hell yes...

So most of the time these ideas get kicked to the back burner..

well I got to thinking the other day..why don't I just do something down and dirty?

so I've decided to do a series of short comic stories that will be "web only" and will be done in a 1-2 days time..




yes free...

free for anyone to

Sounds like that F*&ked up Daft Punk song..

as long as I am given credit...

do what you will with them...

The first story is called:

"Postal-A Homicidal Love Story"

I'm hoping to post it tonight...but it could be tomorrow.

stay tuned...


Friday, July 07, 2006

Fists of Fury!!!

I finally got back to my drawing class tonight. I've been feeling off my game and I'm trying to work out my drawing muscles by drawing from life. You know it's the drawing cure all!!!.

My drawing class has themes and tonight was BRUCE LEE...the guy looked more like Jackie Chan..but I tweaked him a bit to get that Bruce action going..

now a word from Bruce...

Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless--like water.
Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup,
You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle,
You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot.
Now water can *flow* or it can *crash*!
Be water, my friend.
-- Bruce Lee


Komic Kids

There was thread about comics for kids the other day on a message's some of my thoughts..excuse the typos and was free flowing...

I could write a long post on this..but I'll try and keep it brief.

1.) There are two comic worlds. Comics written by adults for adults and comics written for kids.( Manga, Archie, Simpsons maybe Spiderman sometimes).
The comic industry has painted itself into a corner by catering to the adult consumer of superhero fantasy comics.

They don't make comics for kids anymore. If they were clever they would find a middle ground ala Manga and Harry Potter. Instead they juice as much as they can out the shrinking audience. That's why the prices are high on comics..because they are not trying to sell to mom and dad..they are selling to adults with disposable income. They don't care..because...

2.) ...they are not in the business of getting new viewers/readers..that's the job of the comic properties once they go into other media..movies, video games. etc...
The comic books exist as a cheap form of property maintence...that's it...that's all...If you look at Marvel..they have gone through most of the big properties they have...within the next five years I think they will have used up much of their ability to crossover into other media...have you noticed how there are not many new characters being created?...because they are only out to exploit the existing library they have and own. They don't want to do a movie based on new characters because they want to profit off the ideas they own 100%. This does not make them evil. It just puts them in a certain business..and comics as a viable art form is not their business....the future readers of comics are not their concern...So don't fool yourself...As far as the Big Two are concerned it's not about the fans or the readers or price points or's about selling the ideas to larger media outlets...comic book publishing is just a neccesary evil to keep the concepts in play. Sad but true.

3.) Comics need to be in libraries and schools, bookstores, markets. etc. This would take a shift in content and format. Tradepaperback style format. All ages content. No heads getting blown pretty much everything from the 90's wouldn't be there...manga is way ahead of the curve and until the big two or a small company that understands what kids like and has the commitment to the kids's going to be up to Naruto to bring in new readers....
Everyone who sits down and reads a comic..boy, girl..adults...anyone..they love them...and they should...comics are an amazing form of entertainment...the statistics show..if you read comics as a kid you will read them as an adult..all I can thank God for Naruto..who is selling 2000 mangas a week in Borders alone...a whole generation of readers is being grown through the manga craze...

So there is a future for comics for kids's just going to be manga...

That being said....all it takes is one comic to have that Harry Potter level buzz and every kid will be reading American comics again...but who is working on that..and who is going to publish it...

After I finish my current graphic next series is going to be an all ages series...I think it's up to the comic artists and writers to set the path for comics...the Big Two aren't...

The next post is a reply to someone saying that they don't think All Ages comics are cool and will interest kids..

here is my answer.

I don't think it has to be either or in terms of "All Ages" vs. "Adult" comics. It's not like TV shows or movies make just one type of content. I think there needs to be comics made for kids..and I'm not saying Captain Carrot that talks down to kids..I'm saying Harry Potter or 80's style Marvel books..interesting and engaging and fun..with some depth..just no sex and crazy violence...

The industry needs to expand and learn to target their demographic...make some comics for teens and some for adults..and God forbid some for woman...come on...a Legalos (sp) book would bring in every teen girl and crystal rubbing fan girl for miles around..or some some teen drama stuff that's funny and fun..either way..less skulls and guns...I love guns and skulls and @$$ whupping...but it's not for everyone and right for every age...

The die hard fans are dieing out...that's why the industry needs to move beyond Superheros...Crossgen tried to do it..but I didn't buy one of their books..they all seemed boring to me...If you are going to do it with some's going to take some Walt Disney level vision to make it happen...

In the end the industry lives and dies with the quality that the creators bring to I have faith that the industry has enough creative minds to solve the problems that it faces..the first issue beyond that is getting the money into the hands of the they have the resources to make changes...that's why I loved Image so put the control into the hands of the artists and I'm all for that.

I'll be posting more of my thoughts on this as they develop..

more later..

remember two things..Save an Indie..Kill a cape...and give kids your old floppy comics...they will appreciate them..


Monday, July 03, 2006

Anime Expo-06

I went to the Anime Expo in Anaheim today...

The show has really grown and there were lots of peeps in interesting Anime costumes...tons of Narutos and surprisingly still lot's of Sailer Moon's..

Final Fantasy still get's some costumes..but not as much as in years past.

The show has become more of an Anime fan swap meet.





Plush Animals




Tons of School Girls...and the Gothic Lolita fashion style seems to still be in full effect


(if you don't know who Hard Gay is yet. Go to You Tube and start livin' La Vida Loca!!!)

as well as the now legendary Man Faye..and yes his hairy butt@@ is still impresive/gross.

There was also all the Mario Brothers...including Wario..they did a little skit using a boom box and some Mario Brothers Rap from the 80's..

Impressive...most impressive....

I must mention that the dealers room was very hot..and some of these kids need to learn about Right Guard.

It' was an Otaku smell O' Rama!!

Got a chance to watch Howls Moving Castle..and although I am a Miyazaki fan even I was impressed by this movie.

I highly recommend it...very clever and a great love story...and of course..well animated..

Right now some Anime Kids are ....eatting Cup O Noodles...drinking Red Bull, smoking weed and watching Ranma 1/2 all night long!!!!

Party on Otaku... on...


Ii tenki desu ne?