Sunday, June 25, 2006

Everything In It's Right Place.

I just got back from seeing Radiohead in Berkeley...

I'd seen the band during the Ok Computer tour and to say they have improved would be a gross understatment.

they have managed the unique feat of not only improving as a band but taking their work to another artistic level.

They played some great tracks from Ok Computer..Kid A, Hail to Thief and Amnesiac as well 6 new songs!!!

The new music they are playing is a progression of their past music but very different...

dare I say...more "funky"...

The visuals of the show were top notch..they used this cool style of focusing on each member of the band and puting them on odd shaped video screens...while using some filter that gave them this high contrast must be seen to be believed..

I've been lucky enough to see many great bands live but this show with it's perfect set list and an encore of "Fake Plastic Trees" pushes it into my top three of all time fave shows...

In the words of Ferris Bueller..

"if you have the means I highly recommend it"..


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Set List courtesy of the wonderful site Green Plastic.

Green Plastic

01 Airbag
02 2+2=5
03 Where I End And You Begin
04 15 Step
05 Kid A
06 Dollars And Cents
07 Down Is The New Up
08 Nude
09 Paranoid Android
10 No Surprises
11 The Gloaming
12 All I Need
13 Climbing Up The Walls
14 Go Slowly
15 Myxomatosis
16 Bangers 'N Mash
17 How To Disappear Completely

Encore 1
18 Fake Plastic Trees
19 Arpeggi
20 Black Star
21 True Love Waits (Thom only on Rhodes, intro to EIIRP)
22 Everything In Its Right Place

Encore 2
23 Bodysnatchers
24 The Tourist

Friday, June 23, 2006

Strike Hard...Strike Fast...Blood Strike!!!!!

Back in the day I used to draw this comic called Blood was about a group of super soliders that would get killed and get reanimated by the government.

High concept...

high bodycount...

I was brought in as the monthly penciller and co-writer on the series as part of a reboot of the original series...

...we were allowed to do whatever we wanted pretty being that I was a kid at the time..I just wanted to draw guns and shit blowing up and lots of covert ops type crap...with lots of little lines and scratchy motto was.... when in doubt render the shit out of it...

I was able to hold down a monthly book so I found myself working my butt off on this series..and having to cut some corners to make it come in on time...This was a great boot camp because it pushed me to work hard and to learn when to let a page go...I would not say it was my best work...but it was a great learning experience for me...

that being said...the book was well received by many fans and still holds a place in their hearts..everytime I do a convention I am asked to sign the books and it brings back fond memories of a time when I used to draw whatever crazy thing that came to mind...not to mention I was paid obscene amounts of money to do it...such was the way of comics back in the day...

ahhhh...good times...

That brings me to the other week..I was going through my out of control archives...

(sounds like a big vault..but it's really just a couple of boxes in studio closet)

and I found some artwork from the Blood Strike era...going on 10 or more years hurt my eyes..but warmed my heart at the same time...I've taken a few pieces and put them on make money for the publishing of my new graphic novel..(got to be a forward thinker.)

check here if you want to add it to your archive.

BloodStrike Ebay

I am posting the artwork on here for the fun of it... get out your guns and ammo..stealth air ships...zombie soliders... masked men and covert thingys...and let's go blow up the 90's....

"Blood Strike Style..!!!!"



For those of you interested in my sketchbook.

Feel free to...

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Roll'n With Rostam.

I've been working on the 2nd issue of Rostam the graphic novel.

Here's a few of the pages from the story.

More info and artwork..soon..

dig it..


Rough'n It Up

Rough drawings for a Koni Waves Pinup

and a drawing I did of the White Queen...

More art and comments soon....



Been off the blog tip for a minute...

I have been writing though...

just not posting...

I've been a busy boy and in a very reflective mood...

but mama raised me right....

so soon I'll be ready to share...

until than....


Thom Yorke's- The Eraser

and Nacho Libre....

both gave me much joy....

Till we blog again...