Monday, September 11, 2006

9-11-Media Coverage and Thoughts

With all the coverage of 5th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks everywhere it got me thinking about it..

here are my thoughts...random and from the gut.

..just a few thoughts and opinions..

I enjoy talking politics...but nothing get's people more upset than politics and religion...hopefully my opinions won't offend..

that being said...

I don't think I'll ever forget what happened on 911...I think anybody that needs to be reminded of what happened because it's fallen off their radar somehow.... does not have their head in the game in the first place and do we really care what they are thinking anyway...

The thing I don't like is when something so real..yet surreal is made to be the movies that have come out about it...I know there were heroes..I've seen the footage ..I've read the's like making a movie of the week of a funeral...when the attack was a very personal attack on each and every American..and it should be honored in that fashion..I'm just not into a tear jerking spectacle when it comes to something so..important and so trivializes the importance of the whole issue. If you ever wonder why people in Europe think we are a bunch of yippy kay yah motherfuckers...look at how we deal with our shows a lack of understanding...and I think that coupled with the power we have..scares the shit out of people. As Amercians we have to be better and live up to a higher ideal. Torture..imprisonment without a trial..I can only speak for myself..but that's not my idea of what America is all about. Part of the plot of terrorists was not to just kill as many people as was to change our way of life and change our ideals as people..and in turn lower the worlds opinion of us..that is where the battle is really raging...not on some roadside in Iraq..but in the hearts and minds of the world..and in our souls as Americans. It is often said we are in a battle of cultures..East vs. West and Islam vs. Christian...but we are really in a moral battle between living up to the standards we have set or lowering ourselves to the level of our enemy and than using their behavior as justification. We have already fallen into the will take a deep search of our moral center to find the courage to pull out of it..

The question I ask people who support our current course...what is more important invading Iraq..where almost as many Americans have now died as did during the 911 attack...or capturing Bin Laden...who is still at large?

If a week or a month after 911 the world had seen Bin Laden in chains or dead that would have sent a message that if you attack Americans there will be consequences. Right now terrorists act with impunity because our resources are tied up in Iraq...As much as I like the idea of a "free" Iraq...was it really our job to make it happen? How did it go from searching for WMD's to building a Democratic republic in Iraq? Am I the only one who saw our mission change...and yet what does any of this have to do with capturing the people responsible for 9-11? We should have honored them by bringing their killer to justice...not making a movie out of their/our tragedy..


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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

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