Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Is the future the past? Comic Books vs. Tech

I’m sure thousands of years ago the book seemed really high-tech.

It was portable idea storage.

On the go info.

Long before Blackberry’s and cell phones and every other portable tech de jur’

...there was the book...

that idea has been stuck in my head.

the book

and for me...

the comic book....

as technology

I talk to a lot of comic people and there is always a discussion about how tech has impacted the industry.

Think about how comics have changed in the last 20 years.

The computer coloring.

The paper

The computer lettering.

The digital inks.

Web comics

Even the online community that has grown up around comics.

It’s all driven by taking old tech...(the book)

and trying to marry it with all the new tech...

my question is...

is the technology of the book..the final evolution of the comic...???

does it need to evolve further...

does it need to be downloadable?

or displayed on a website?

or live on a hard drive or DVD somewhere?

Artists and consumers always think that technology is a cure all/ must for everything.

bigger screens on your TV...with more pixels and surround sound.

Maybe the comic as is...

is perfect.

hard to believe but the truth may be that the comic has evolved into it’s perfect form.

it does not need sound

or animation

your mind is the hard drive..the big screen and the power source.

Pictures and words that come together in just the right way to paint an imaginary world in your minds eye.

Does it really get anymore high-tech than that?

The evolution of the comic is not going to come from it being downloaded or put on DVD.

It will come from the minds of the creators that take on the art-form and it’s evolution as a challenge.

They will have to see it as vehicle for every possible transfer of ideas.

Want to learn about dating?

Read a comic.

Want to perfect your golf swing.

Read a comic.

Want to learn the classics

Read a comic.

The applications for comics are endless.

The only thing that stops it is the imagination and bravery of the creators and the willingness of the viewer to open their minds.

You have a piece of amazing technology in your hands. The ability to change minds and
bring a whole new perspective to the world by speaking directly to a person’s imagination.

You have the comic book.

cheap to make

hard sell

amazing to experience.

time to get to work.


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