Monday, March 06, 2006

Lost Treasures Sketchbook

I've finally put some sketches together and I am printing up a book of them.

The majority of the art will be stuff that I have not shown before (babes monsters, guns/tech, cartoony stuff)

..and a few of my faves that I never get tired of showing (hehehe)

It will also have a sneak peek of my new graphic novel and I will be randomly putting in small hand painted sketches on postcard size paper.

How's that for a deal!?!

It will be 8.5x 5.5, 32 pages 8 pages color and 24 black and white with a very short print run.

If you are interested in getting one. Contact me via email at Email me!

They are $25 bucks each and $5 buck shipping in the US and $10 bucks everywhere else.

I will be printing them on my birthday April 7th.

All proceeds will go towards the printing of my graphic novel...

Thanks to everyone on DA for showing me so much great support!!!

All the best


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