Monday, November 07, 2005

Thank Baby Jesus for Smush

It’s only a few games into the Lakers season and I have to say thanks Baby Jesus for Smush Parker…

This kid is awesome so far

…he’s dunking

..hitting three’s

ripping Steve Nash

…he’s sort of Byron Scott and Larry Johnson’s love child..

finally an athletic guard/ wingman for Kobe..

I know it’s hard to imagine but I actually saw Lamar Odom dunk last night..


I’m used to him from last year where everything was a running floater that rimmed out…

Devean George and Laron Profit are playing way better than I expected…I'm sure it even surprised Carmelo hehehe..

(I wonder how Carmelo can even dunk..he looks like the Pilsbury Dough Boy)

I’m still waiting for Kwame to really blow up…but damn he has a first step for a big man..if he just slowed down a bit..he would be dangerous..I don't think he is going to be the next Amare..but I could see him being another Jermaine O'Neal

I think the defense has really improved…

What can I say..the Lakers may not be ready for a championship…but they are fun to watch

…it reminds me of the Van Exel, Eddie Jones years..lots of upside..lots of fun to watch…


Felt pretty bad this weekend..sort of super tired and feeling pukey…had trouble sleeping…I had a chance to visit some comic stores and I passed them by because I was feeling so out of it…

Here’s to hoping I get back on track this week…



Is it me or do the 80’s G.I. Joe’s look like the Village People..more on this in the next blog..

Looking for some good tunes..

Check out Mt. Egypt…their new very rainy day chill music..tastes like chicken…and it's on Itunes..fucking Apple should pay me for pimping their shit...