Wednesday, October 05, 2005

U Cheap ASS!!!

Got hit with some sort of cold/flu thing…I don't feel like eating and I feel like I've been hit by a car!!

So nothing new today…

In the meantime check out a book I worked on

It's called Rostam.

It deals with an old Persian mythical character....

…it has some great reviews on Amazon

While you are there...feel free to buy don't need that 5 bucks!!!

You cheap ass!!!

Don't mind's the cold medicine talking...!!!

or is it?

Last night I had these cold medicine induced dreams.

I had this dream where I was covered in medicine patches…they were like an exra layer of skin…and they protected me from germs…

I woke up rolled up in my blanket like a carne asada burrito..

Maybe the blanket was making me feel like that!!!


Music Shout Out!!!
Nortec Collective Vol.3
Mexican Electronica "Nuff Said"

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