Monday, October 24, 2005

The results of the “Rub the Blood” Bloodstrike Trivia Contest.

The results of the “Rub the Blood” Bloodstrike trivia contest are as follows

Kick Ass Cabbot nut Chris James got his answers in at 14:12:04 EDT.
His answers were:

1. Name the three operatives that joined Bloodstrike in issue #11
Bailout , Athena , and Tower ....
[Does Gunther count as an operative?]

I would have taken any of these three. Gunther is an added bonus answer.

2. Who was Bloodstrike revealed as during my run on the book?
Cabbot Stone.... My favorite character ever!!!

3. What character teamed up with Bloodstrike during issues 15 and 16.
Who drew the covers?

Prophet drawn by Stephen Platt

4.When Bloodstrike was relaunched for the thrid time. What was the
"Bloodstrike : Assassin" was technically the 2nd Bloodstrike
series with a new #1 issue "Cabbot : Bloodhunter" was the third relaunch because it was the 3rd series featuring Cabbot also starting with a #1 issue.

All of his answers were correct.


I’m sending him the sketch and a signed issue.

2nd place goes to

Gavin Higginbotham

He got his entry in at 14:58:18

He also had all the answers correct.

Since he put in so much effort and the times were so close I will be doing a sketch for him and sending him a signed issue of Bloodstrike.

Thanks for participating.

I will be throwing some more contests on my blog in the near future.


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