Sunday, October 16, 2005

Cosmo Police Macca

Sometimes when I eat spicy food I have these strange fucking dreams.

I wake up sweating...

it’s nasty...

Sometimes my subconscious will toss all my recent "info flow input" into one zinger of a dream..

That being said...the other night I had one for the books...


My friend Gerimi

and Paul Mc Cartney

had to build these roads that covered the planet to protect the world from aliens.

We were floating in the air and battling spaceships.

sort of Cosmo Police Justy

meet’s Yellow Submarine

meet’s the Office....

Psychic powers,


High speed airborne chases over the ocean...

An anime looking gal named “Yoko”(hehehe)

A punch drunk love sick singalong...(NOTE: super obscure pop reference that will have a payoff later in this very blog... for those who care or for the two people not counting my mom who read this blog)

The whole nine...with all the Akira some Blue Meanie action.

Anyway..the next day I was in a Best Buy...

looking for a wire for my Ipod and I saw the new Paul Mc Cartney album....

Chaos and Creation In the Backyard.

I knew he had been working on an album with Nigel Godrich of Radiohead and Air fame.
I liked the way he brought a new side out of Beck on Sea Change...

I’d read that he had Paul (I call him Paul because we are close and shit) do all the instruments himself.

So I picked it up.

Ok I know more than the average cat when it comes to the Beatles.

So I was pre comparing it to Rubber Soul, Sgt Pepper even Ram or maybe some "Band On the Run" meet's "the Tourist"

I have to say after listening to this album a few times...

I was shocked how good it is...

It has a feel unlike any of the other Paul Mc Cartney solo work.

The album feels very personal.

We even see Paul straining to hit certain notes.

Which makes him seem very vulnerable.

I felt like we as listeners are finally getting a pure creative feed from him

...and in case you forgot how good of a songwriter this cat is...
give it a listen and remember how good he can be...

there are no “silly love songs” on this album.
(fuck everyone I dig that track just for the semi disco horns. "what's wrong with that I say!" I need to know")

I found myself thinking about the melodies after I stopped listening.

A testament to his mastery of a memorable melody.

The most interesting part of the album was that he has made this album at the age he is at and at the stage of his career.

With nothing left to prove he proved that he is still an artist that has something to say...

That and he let me help him save the world from aliens...

Thanks Paul

on both accounts.


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