Monday, October 24, 2005

Blood Strike!!! RUB THE BLOOD Contest!!!

I always thought that was a great blurb for a cover.


So back in the day I worked on a comic called Bloodstrike.

In honor of that book. I did a sketch.

It's been a while..but old habits (or is that Cabbots) die hard...hehehe

So here's the deal. If you read Bloodstrike back in the day or you just want the sketch.

Answer these four questions and I will send it to you.

for free

por nada.

what a deal I say!!!

Without further blog'n...

The four questions are:

1.Name the three operatives that joined Bloodstrike in issue #11

2. Who was Bloodstrike revealed as during my run on the book?

3. What character teamed up with Bloodstrike during issues 15 and 16. Who drew the covers?

4.When Bloodstrike was relaunched for the thrid time. What was the subtitle.

Ok there you go! The first person to email the answers get's the sketch

and let's face it.

If you are able to answer all these questions you are really and truly deserving of this sketch..and of course you can run around saying..

"You weak biatches..I won this fucking cool sketch on the internets..I rubbed the blood!!!"

or something to that effect. I'm just giving ideas.

but just to show I'm not an unfair man I will give a 2nd and 3rd place.

those winners will receive a signed issue of Bloodstrike that is now sitting in my closet...

How's that for 90's nostalgia...sorry no trading cards or foil covers...this is about the art baby.

back to the blood rubbing...


Email me!