Sunday, September 25, 2005

Kid’s Gone Wild!!!

The last few days I’ve had some strange encounters with kids.

I was in line to see the Corpse Bride and this bug eyed kid around 10 came running up and grabbed the face of another kid and yelled at the top of his lungs.


...than he grabbed a Mt. Dew and chugged it.

Awww the Bear piss strikes again!!!

I felt like walking up to the over-caffeinated lil’crack head and saying

“I weep for the future if you are running the show”

...about 5 seconds later

This heavy set kid (read:fat) came running out of the theater and screamed

“HARRY POTTER IS GOING TO.ughhh...KILL YOU (low grunt...) DON’T SEE..uhhh..ehhh IT!!!

He than ran (read:wobbled) down the hallway and bumped into some girl and than ran out the emergency exit.

I shit you was either a full moon or free Red Bull day at the elementary school!!!

No wonder sane people don’t want to go to the movies anymore.

I think it should be like a bar. They should cut off the kids when they have had to much coke and candy.

I can see it now.

The concession girl saying

“I’m sorry Billy I can’t sell you Good and Plentys.”

“I think you've had one Reeces Pieces to many”

Meanwhile 2 days ago across town:

I saw these three white kids around the bubble gum machine at the super market.

They were giggling like a bunch of school girls looking at a Justin Timberlake picture.

They were in front of a machine that sold Durags.

Yes those Durags... the head caps black folks use to cover their Cornrolls and hair.

So what were these three day glo white kids getting them for...out of a bubble gum machine no less...

One of them put his was the Urban Gray Camo ( my personal fave) that made him look like he was

“Straight out of Malibu”

I can't front.

Everyone loves Hip Hop Cosplay.


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