Friday, August 26, 2005

Showing the Love

Making comics is a trip.

Most comic artists live in a vacuum.

The work is so labor intensive that they often have to work long hours by themselves.

Some work in studios…but even than..the serious work goes on when they are burning the midnight oil all by their lonesome.

It can be a very personal journey.

Just you vs. the page.

Of course at some point the book gets published and hopefully people buy it and read it.

I get a lot of joy out of meeting the people that read and enjoy any of the books I’ve worked on.

I got an email recently from a reader named Shon Peterson who put a tattoo of one of the covers to my comics on their back.

(please see the picture).

This is not the first person to use art from my comics for tattoos but it’s always something that I think is cool and very humbling.

The idea that someone would commit my artwork permanently to his or her body shows the love for your work like nothing else.

Thanks to Shon for showing the love.

I’ll make a standing offer.

Anyone who tattoos my art on his or her body gets a free piece of original art. A sketch maybe a page. Depends how big the tattoo is..hehehe.


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