Thursday, August 25, 2005

Orange Chicken and Pancakes.

Wow! There are certain days when you are just off your game.

I woke up late (still don’t know why my alarm didn’t go off..but I suspect user error is involved!)

I missed my carpool. (and since gas is so cheap that’s no problem)

I sat in traffic (got to work in time..thank Baby Jesus for that!)

Left my phone on my drawing table at home. (Incommunicado!!! Excellente!!!)

The upside is that I feel rested. Maybe that 18 minutes I over slept actually did me some good.

It’s basketball night!!!

The other day I went to this Chinese food/Old Skool Coffee shop called Won's Coffee Shop

14440 Gilmore St, Van Nuys, CA 91401

It’s located behind the Sketchers Outlet.

Where else can you get pancakes with a side of Orange Chicken!!!.

It’s awesome and great prices. Get any of the combos and you will have lunch and dinner.

Back to work….