Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I got to thinking about being original with your work and about creativity and making a living at it.

It could be a comic. It could be a screenplay. It could be music.

Pick your poison.

Being that I do comics and art related stuff and I dabble in music I’ll stick to what I know and write from that point of view.

If you are a creative person I have a newsflash for you.



Ok, maybe it’s not such a news flash. Or maybe I’m being naive. Or maybe I’m sick of the status quo.

I find the more I work in the art field the less I am asked for what I think is good. More and more I am asked to copy what someone else thought was good. Or better yet what has been successful for someone else.

It’s as if no idea is valid until it has made someone else money. This is so counter productive to creativity that it can’t be measured. It’s so backwards it’s off the scale.

When talking to Producers, Art Directors and or various money people. I often find myself caught having to “sell” an idea using what I call “Non-Creative Speak”. An example when describing an idea for a new animated TV show I was forced to use. “It’s Harry Potter meets Teen Titans” or it’s “Star Wars meet’s Clueless”.

Using some other media to paint a picture in a non-creative person’s head.

I hate that.

I feel like I have to align my idea up to it’s nearest successful neighbor. No matter how far apart it may be. It glosses over the subtly of what has been created. The devil is in the details when it comes to ideas. It’s the moments and the texture that makes the idea original and brings the heart to it. Rather than have them stretch to understand the idea. I have to simplify it for them.

Fast Food Creative.



Easy to swallow.

God forbid you stray from this and say that you have created something “new”.

Note the fear in their eyes.

Why do Non Creates hate the idea of “new” so much?

Is it a fear of backing something “artsy”? Something untested.

Or maybe they can’t tell if it’s a good idea unless someone else has already deemed it so.

Than why are they in a position to judge an idea when they need to look to someone or somewhere else to decide if it’s a good idea or not?

Where are the instincts?

Where are the gut feelings?

If it makes you feel uncomfortable or if it gets you excited than maybe that’s what an audience might feel.

Don’t fight it. Feel it.

I hear people call ideas “properties”

I will never again use this to describe any other creative person’s work or mine.

It’s not a fucking condo it’s a living, breathing.....


I think part of why Non Creates like to use this term is because it makes it seem like your idea is something that can be bought and sold. A commodity. It’s a way of taking the magic out of it.

Jealousy rears its ugly head.

They can’t create on their own. Yet they work in a creative industry.

Note the fear in their eyes.

I have come to understand that as an artist you need to be true to what you believe in. It is the artist’s job to explore the vastness of what can be created.

If it sells.


If it doesn’t.

Who cares! It’s about getting there and even more importantly where you go from there!

Don’t let others push you into creating something they think is friendly to the greatest amount of people possible because in the end it won’t please anyone.

Is that even a goal worth having? Pleasing the world.

Is it the size of the audience or the quality of what you communicate to them?

I don’t have answers to all this but I know what I believe in.

It’s the sincerity that you create with.
It’s the authenticity of your approach.
It’s the care and craft you put into your work.
It’s the message.
It’s the living, breathing…..