Friday, August 12, 2005

Mr. Macchiato

Drinking a supa dupa big ole' coffee. I went to Star$ucks this morning and when I came up to the counter I had one of those “I drink to much coffee so I think I’m witty” cashiers.

I walked up and the first thing he says is “Carmel Macchiato”

I said “No”

He says, “You look like a Macchiato type of guy.”

I thought, "you look like an asshole" but who’s keeping track.

One triple espresso later….I’m feeling much more Macchiato!!! Ole’

So I play basketball at this park near my crib. I go on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

There is a group of regulars that are all pretty cool guys, they don’t argue much and the games go fast. Not too many ball hogs so it’s good times and good fun.

But there is this one cat I call affectionately “The Coach”. He is not a very skilled player..he mainly tries to run his defender over and calls phantom fouls. He is always there to tell you what you are doing wrong even though he jacks 3-point shots like he’s a rookie Kobe in Utah. So last night I was on his team and my Mr. Macchiato ass was having a dandy of a game.

After we won he comes over and tells me…

“I really like your tempo”

Long pause….


I could see jump shot.

I could see hustle.

I could see passing

But “tempo”?

So I looked over and said.


“I like your tempo also”

It takes all kinds.