Thursday, August 18, 2005

It feels like art 2 me.

I don’t really believe that you can sell comics as a download.

I don’t really enjoy reading a comic on a computer screen.

I’m not sure I would enjoy reading manga on a P2P. I don’t live in Tokyo or London. So I don’t ride the train or the tube. I live in LA. I drive…and sit….a lot….

I hear talk of digital paper…but until I have some in my hands…I’m not sold.

I personally believe in the tactile appeal of comics. I like the feel of the paper.

It feels like art to me.

That’s where I think the problem begins.

I see comics as art.

I can download a jpeg of the Mona Lisa but no matter how close I look at the jpeg.
It was nothing compared to standing in front of it. It meant much more to me to see the actual painting. I felt the presence of it.

I feel comics change once they go through the process of printing. It’s part of the creation of the art. Comics are unique because the printing is where the art and the story really combine. It’s also the mechanism for receiving the content. It’s all in one handy package.

That being said. I think the future holds a place for downloaded comics.

It will not be the same experience as I described above but it will be something new and different.

More disposable perhaps.

It’s like the single you download from I-Tunes. You listen to it for a week or so and move onto the next hot song.

Are comics that disposable. I guess some are. Some are not worth reviewing again and again. They are something you read once and toss. A bitter pill to swallow.

Not everything created in comics is worth saving. Not every monthly deserves a TPB.

I find myself staring at the racks at my local comic store. I look through 100’s of comics. I walk away with one sometimes two on a good week.

The industry is caught between trying to create soap operas on one side and academy award movies on the other.
I think the future of comics is not so much in the technology as much as it is in the development of the content.

I think the model for comics needs to change. I already see signs of this on the horizon.

We need to see comics the way we see movies and novels. I know how many times have you heard that. I’m not referring to the respect they get in the mainstream. I’m talking about the way they are produced.

I think an editor/producer needs to go out and put together a team to create a graphic novel in the same way you make a movie. Find the best artist. Find the best idea. Find the best writer. Put them together for 6 months to 2 years. Build the anticipation. (think of the hype for each Harry Potter novel) Release one or two graphic novels. Sure it’s a bigger risk than a monthly book. Sure there is no advertising but the upside is you push the medium into a larger more respected arena.

No more floppies for a monthly newsstand audience that does not exist anymore.

Look at Manga. They get the idea.

A reader would much rather have a 90 page story for 10 bucks than a 22 page 4 buck ad filled floppy.

What I’m saying is nothing new.

Which one of the big two is finally going to do it?

More on this later.

Time for work.