Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Invincible, Warren Olney..where's my fucking Indian dinner.

I listen to KCRW like a crack head. At work, in the car…at home…

I subscribed three years ago…but I dropped off because I went through a financial restructuring (aka I was as broke as a joke)…but things are much improved at the Hacienda de Altstaetter….not to mention the guilt trip they lay on you over the air kicked in and I broke down and I subscribed yesterday.

I had that I’m stealing art feeling I got when I downloaded music back in the day. I stopped because I had this thought of people downloading my comics for free and tons of people reading them and Papa Karl was not getting his bit of scratch.

...But that’s wishful thinking that people would want my comic so much that they would steal it….as much as they would want to steal the new Ashley Simpson lip sync epic…but a boy can wish right?…back to KCRW…

I tried to get a free dinner at this Indian restaurant as one of the giveaways.

I was so denied. It would have cost me an extra $50 for that…no money honey…

The upside was that Warren Olney said my name on the air!!!

For some reason you don’t know about it…check it out

My pal Gerimi and I are always trading interesting stuff…music, comics, DVDs..if it’s media… he and are mooching from each other.

While in San Diego for the Comic Con. (they need to change the name to San Diego Media Con…Right?!?)

G picked up the Invinsible HC by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker.

He read it and emailed me his thoughts the next morning.

He said it was as good as Watchman and more enjoyable than Dark Knight.

He even had the brass balls to say it was better than the Dark Phoenix Saga and West Coast Avengers combined.


We are so trapped in the 80’s when it comes to superhero comics…but than again…so is the whole fucking industry!!!

He rounded up the usual classic comic suspects and he picked Invincible from the line up.

After reading his email I had to get my hands on it! I was either going to shit all over it to show my elitist feelings for his cavalier comparison to the holly triumvirate. Or I wanted to see how good this book is. Could there be a new take on superheroes that had not been strip-mined in the 80’s and 90’s? I had to know!

I got the book from G,

… went home

got out a tasty beverage (diet Brisk Iced Tea…love it!!!)

I sat down in my studio and started to read.

Two cans of Brisk tea and a couple hours later I finished the book.

It’s no Dark Knight.

It’s no Watchman.

It’s almost as good as the Dark Phoenix saga.

And it’s more entertaining than almost anything out there…and that’s big…

The thing that makes the book so good is how simple and straightforward the story is. The pacing is some of the best I’ve ever seen in a comic.

It’s the anti Bendis.

Interesting shit happens…the story moves on… more interesting shit happens.

Kirkman has so many ideas that rather than stretch out one idea he moves onto something new and interesting. Twists and turns abound (something borrowed something blue)
and although the art is clean and happy the book sometimes get’s pretty dark but not so dark that you want to stop reading and watch Sponge Bob.
Cory Walker’s art helps so much. It’s how Rizzo makes 100 bullets run so smooth. If you don’t believe me…read 100 bullets with Rizzo doing an Azzarello story and than read one of the Superman comics Jim Lee did with him. The difference is in the expressions. The faces tell the story.

Storytelling has been sidelined in this frantic era in comics. Some say it’s the era of the writer…but let’s face’s a visual medium!!! I don’t care how good of a writer you are..if your artist can’t tell a story than you might we well publish the script by won’t work…

but I degress…

Back to work


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