Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Gerimi's thoughts on So Many Questions post

Gerimi read my first post and had some thoughts here they are...!!!

I found your opening salvo very entertaining. Superheroes have never gone out of fashion in the mainstream. I mean, wasn't Moses a superhero in THE TEN COMMANDMENTS? Shit, I've never seen Ororo part a sea before. You're telling me that John McClane from DIE HARD isn't a superhero? Hell, he proves it in UNBREAKABLE. Whether they've got superpowers or not, superheroes are all about people who are able to do extraordinary things that no one else can.

One bad pattern Hollywood is following right now is the Remakes. Much like the Superhero books that are just retelling the same stories over and over, it's at the root of why the film industry is starting to see the same stagnation that's been plaguing the comic industry for almost a decade now. It comes down to the fact that no one is doing anything new anymore.

Just had a thought... what about a magazine format? Something like Heavy Metal, but not necessarily adult themed. I don't know how sales are on Heavy Metal these days, but the biggest thing it's got going for it is that it isn't relegated to the comic book rack ghetto. I know Marvel used to do Punisher magazine and some other magazine formats... did that die out because the format wasn't sucessful? were there other factors? I genuinely want to know if this has already been proven a dead end (maketing-wise). Maybe I'm just ignorant, but I'd glady listen to someone who has the facts. It sounds to me like a great chance to grab some fresh eyeballs that wouldn't ordinarliy browse the graphic novel section or the comic rack. 80-90 odd pages (a 48pg feature, a couple of shorts, and a few articles on a bi-monthly schedule for $4.95... And it's OVERSIZED!!!) to me, totally kicks the crap out of $2.99 for 24 pages of art & 8pgs of ads). Is someone publishing in this format right now and I just don't know? And that old UK mag DEADLINE from the makers of TANK GIRL?

... Of course, this is coming from someone who's sworn off the floppies for OGN and Trades, so my opinions need to be taken w/ a grain of salt.

We've got to get the eyeballs of those outside of comics. They need to be something that people will browse and randomly pick up and not be so expensive to not be a casual purchase. The big question we need to ask is "What makes media browsable?" What makes someone pick up a magazine? What makes you stop on one channel over another when you're channel surfing and nothing's on? What make someone walk into one store over another when you're walking through the mall?