Thursday, August 25, 2005

Foot Ballers!

Foot Ballers.

I’m not talking about the British term for blokes that play what we in America call Soccer.

I’m talking about a unique style of basketball that I see played by Mexican basketball players here in the LA area.

They play basketball as if they are playing soccer.

They pass a lot.
They don’t dribble very much.
They catch and shoot as fast as possible.

It’s fast paced and fun to watch.

Most of these cats are under 5ft so it’s a trip.

There is often a lot of traveling and double dribbling.

It’s a freestyle fiesta.

I am part Mexican so I know some Spanish.

They talk as much shit to each other as any other b-ball players.

Mostly they scream “PASS!”

Sounds like every other pick up basketball game I have ever played in.

On Sunday night I played three on three with some of these guys.

It was a lot of fun…One heavy set cat was rocking a Kobe Bryant jersey and he played without shoes…

Who needs Jordans right?