Sunday, August 28, 2005

Diet Mt. Dew and Drum and Bass

It’s almost 5am on Sunday morning.

I-Tunes has generously served up Chronic Tronic by Amon Tobin.

I think I've finally found a coloring style I like.

It’s taken me years and terrible fits with Photoshop.

I’ve burned through tons of “painting” in Photoshop tutorials.

All it took was some Diet Mt Dew and some Drum and Bass to set me straight.

I had an aunt who told me Mt. Dew was bear piss...that's why it got you hyped because it was bear juice.

I remember looking at her and taking a big chug of it and thinking "fuck if it's bear piss..this shit rocks!"

I was 12

that's the thing about creativity.... I guess you never know when it’s going to hit you until it does.

I fought myself for years. I was always telling myself I needed to stop working in the middle of the night even though it's my natural most productive creative state.

Now I work a 9-5.

I finally figured something out.


I've graduated to another animal

from MT.Bear Piss to Red Bull.

liquid crack...

I’m not done with the piece yet.

but here’s a sneak peek at something else I’m working on...

which color looks best?


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