Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Creative Vs. Sensitive.

I had a conversation with a friend of mine, who is an artist/art director.

We were discussing how many “creative” people mistake sensitive for creative.

I think one of the core principles of being an artist is being observant and aware.

Eyes on the prize.

Ear to the ground.

As an artist you need to have your feelers out.

Cataloging thoughts, ideas and emotions…

Ideally so you can filter them through your unconscious and into some original creative endeavor.

Something that has emotion….

If you are lucky something that inspires…

“Channeling the Info/Creative Flow.”

You take in ideas and let new ideas out. Those ideas are taken in by someone else…and than sent out into the ideasphere.

Ideas building on ideas…

so forth and so on…

Until the end of time…

A lil’ too metaphysical for you?

No wonder so many artists drink and self medicate themselves to death.

They need something to stop the voices in their heads.

Yeah buddy..that’s a big part of it…”channeling the flow”

In order to pull so much in you have to open the doors.

This can leave you vulnerable.

This can leave you emotional

This can make you sensitive.

To be a truly great artist you have to be a bit empathetic.

But being sensitive does not mean you are going to be creative.

In fact it can hamper your creative efforts.

It’s a self-created trap that many artists fall into.

The process of taking in ideas out weighs the pursuit of creating new ones.

Washed away…

by the info flow.

I myself have struggled with this.

Taking so much in…putting so little out creatively.

The only thing that has worked for me has been the acceptance that you have to trust your own voice and have the discipline to take the idea and express it.

You have to begin to edit the flow as it comes in.

Slow it down. Give your mind time to process it.

Tame the flow.


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