Thursday, August 11, 2005

A+ Ass Shaker

I'm dragging my ass today. I guess no Green Tea smoothie makes Karl a dull boy.

I'm in a shit mood so I will be cussing like a sailor throughout.


take it home..

have it for lunch...

Here's a list of the stuff I'm listening to these days.

The Killers. Hot Fuss

Ok stop talking shit!. It's a good fucking album and I got into it late so the shit is fresh to me.

Dj Shadow. Endtroducing the Deluxe edition.

It was so nice I have to listen to it twice. Some interesting extras for the mid 90's classic. It's one of the few electronic albums that has a fresh sound years later. If you have never seen the movie Scratch do yourself a favor and check it out. The Dj Shadow part is awesome..that cat not only digs in the crates he's in the fucking basement looking for shit...bad ass

Sasha. Fundacion

It's a mix disc of Sasha's recent Abelton LIVE set. Interesting stuff. He played Avalon like 6 times and I missed him everytime...what can I say I'm to much of a worker bee these days to go out and play...

Single of the day!!! goes to the punk funksters Basement Jaxx...the track... U DON'T KNOW ME (jaxxhouz mix)

It's on the b-side of the single or on the Basement Jaxx site...A + Ass Shaker

time for my lunch time nap..maybe I will wake up ready for more Blog FU..



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